How to change the point of view in Overwatch 2 and the best configuration

If you have been experiencing with several heroes in Overwatch 2, you will have noticed that each one has their own slightly different grid that you will use to unleash pain (or healing!) In your enemies and teammates. While these do a good job when representing the main weapon of each hero, it is possible to change the point of sight in 2 Overwatch, as well as adjust a series of customization settings to be perfect for their preferences. In this guide, we will show you where to find the configuration of the Overwatch 2 grid, what do they mean and which ones, if there are, are the best settings to use them.

How to change the Overwatch 2 Point

To change your viewing point in Overwatch 2, go to the options by pressing ESC in the main menu. Then go to the ‘Controls’ tab. Here, in the ‘General’ section, you will find the ‘Reticle’ option.

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Next, you can choose from what type of ‘grid’ you want. Your options here are:

  • Flaw
  • Circle
  • point of view
  • Circle and Point of Mira
  • Dowry

In the ‘Advanced’ section under this configuration, you can also customize your point of view or grid with a different option.

All Reticle and Point of Point options in Overwatch 2

Show precision *-Adjust your point of view to show the area of propagation of the bullet.
Color -Change the color of its point of view/grid.
Thickness -Change the thickness of its point of view/grid.
Light length *-Change the length of your grid.
Central space -Increase the size of the space in the center of your grid.
Opacity -Change the opacity of your grid. In other words, it will be clearer or more solid depending on where I configure it in the slider.
Opacity of the contour *-Change the opacity of the contour of your grid.
Point size -Alter the size of the point if you choose this option.
Opacity of points -Alter the opacity of the point in the center of your grid.
* Scale with resolution


What are the best point of view settings?

Ultimately, this is completely reduced to personal preferences. While some people may prefer a more prominent point of view in the center of the screen that can easily see regardless of all explosions and chaos that surround them, others may prefer something a bit more subtle.

Even the type of grid that works best will vary from person to person. The good news is that if you find a reticle that works best for the main weapon of a particular character and not for another, you can use the ‘change hero’ option on the right side of this configuration screen to make a specific selection of specific grid For the hero. In supervision 2.

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