Iron Sauce, ROAS Optimizer large -scale update

[ Moon Byung-soo] Iron Sauce has conducted a massive update for ‘ROAS Optimizer’ on the 14th.


ROAS (Return on AD Spend) Optimizer allows games and app developers to track the progress of the ROAS optimization campaign over time and optimize the UA (user) strategy.

This update allows apps and game marketers to visualize the performance data trend of direct ROAS optimization campaigns to more precise and more detailed levels than existing data.

According to the company, ROAS Optimizer achieves the target set by the optimized solution engine automatically set by apps and game marketers using the optimizer to set the desired goal ROAS value. This allows you to reduce the burden on manual operation.

In addition, the number of installations, spending costs, Epic (Effective installation costs), current ROAS goals, and effective ROAS goals over time can be clearly identified, so marketers can improve the user (UA) strategy based on campaign performance.

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