Com2uS Group, Portable Braille Writing Equipment for Visually Disabled Children Development Volunteer Activities

** -Coitus, The Day of White Fields

** -Don donation of 200 ‘Luncheon Disabled Welfare Center’, which is a ‘portable braille written tool’ that employees of Comes Group participated in the production.

-S will continue to develop various contribution activities that support the healthy growth of the vulnerable and contribute to the development of the community

Com2uS Group carried out meaningful volunteer activities for the ‘white cane day’, which was redefined to ensure the rights of the visually impaired.

Comes has been volunteering for the Portable Braille Writing Equipment for group employees for the past month. ‘Portable Braille Writing District’ is a semi-permanent communication means that can read and write braille without paper.

This activity, which was designed to support the smooth communication and better learning environment of children with visual impairments, was made with the participation of many employees and family volunteers who wanted to share the warmth of warmth.

The completed ‘Portable Braille Writing District’ was sent to the Geumcheon-gu Office through the Geumcheon-gu Office and the NGO Group ‘Good Change’. It will be donated to many visually impaired children using welfare centers, as well as facilities and families that require support.

The parish is not only easy and easy to acquire Braille, but also can be used in various ways from basic braille to communication level, which is expected to help children to cultivate knowledge and learn efficiency.

Meanwhile, Comes Group is carrying out various social contribution activities with the slogan of ‘Welcome to Smile’. In addition to improving the learning environment to support the healthy growth of the vulnerable groups such as ‘Braille Fairy Tale Books’ and ‘Lip View Mask’, local cleanup activities, wood planting, and in-house awareness campaigns for environmental protection, etc. He is taking the lead.

In addition, the company is actively creating sustainable value that can develop companies, society and the environment, by steadily promoting various supporting activities that support the development of the culture and arts field.

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