The actor and bodybuildist who gave life to the Hulka Retro in She

The series She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulk of Marvel Studios arrived in its lt weekend with a surprising final episode that not only broke the fourth wall, but the demolished it completely . Although beyond the winks, Eter Eggs and K.E.V.I.N.S on duty, the chapter started with a curious introduction that paid tribute to the clsical series the incredible Hulk of the 70s with the legendary Lou Ferries Hulk. Well, in that intro we could see a very different Hulk from the current series that, instead of being represented on the screen with CGI, resorted to a real person characterized Hulk, in the purest clsic style. Although what we did not know is that in reality it w a man ; This h been demonstrated by the actor and bodybuilder Devon Lewis , discovering his identity and sharing a series of curious Photographs of his characterization which we offer below.

The Hulk of the Retro w actually a man


This w shared by Devon Lewis himself through his TikTok account: Many people have not yet realized that She-Hulk w played by a man … yes, that is me, he explains The actor and bodybuilder. Of course, photographs of his characterization Hulk have no wte and are surprising they are nice, giving rise to the call The Savage She-Hulk .

Of course, the wink of Devon Lewis The Savage She-Hulk w only limited to such a singular Retro Introduction of the show; Recall that during the series a double action of great stature w used to play Jennifer Walters transformed into Hulk, while the performance of Tatiana Malay ** took place in the scenes in which it appeared on the screen In her human version.

The series She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulk is already completely available in Disney+.

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