NCsoft Aion Classic, Developer Live 7979 live broadcast

NC soft’s PC MMORPG held a real-time broadcast ‘Developer Live 7979’ on October 18.

unveiled four keywords that can infer the update contents such as ▲ executor, tells, legion, and storybook. The details were not disclosed, so the opinion of the update direction was divided among the users.

Meanwhile, on the 18th at 7:00 pm on the live broadcast of Ion, the developer who communicated with the user as a developer notes introduced the details of the update in November. We had time to answer the user’s curiosity and the game’s opinion through the Levant Season 2-7979 Note. Furthermore, the company also provided rewards such as coupons through the simple event.

Executive-A new class of classic server with originality

The executor, one of the core of the update, is a new job to be updated on November 9. It is not an existing job that existed on the live server, but with a new originality and was produced as a classic server. The executor has a different style of story, combat patterns and weapons.

Many users have remembered the third race in the concept of tearing their wings and moving their own way. The developer said, The executor is a job that appears with a different concept, so we considered the balance and synergy between other occupations.

Telos-A new growth field and Indus to acquire new skills

‘Tells’ is a new growth field that contains the story of the executor. Users who select and nurture the executor can proceed with the main story in a dreamy tells. Users who do not raise executors can meet the new dungeons, the Tells of the Forgotten. It is a party unit of party unit composed of party members of level 50 or more. The best reward is designed to help farming abyss items.

The Tells Dungeon of the Forgotten is being prepared to earn a lot of rewards after a fun attack by adjusting the difficulty. The most important reward is that you can earn new skills. In order to expand the combat experience, it will showcase a new effect with the motif of some 3.0-level 60 level skills.

Content ‘Legion’ to be together, ‘Storybook’ that records individual play

Ion Classic accepts the lack of benefits that can be obtained when belonging to Legion, adding content such as missions and production that members can do with them. The points gained from the mission can expand the buffs that can benefit from all members of Legion. In the future, various contents such as Legion-only dungeons and dedicated raids will be introduced.


‘Storybook’ is a content that is designed to collect stories and original pieces while enjoying the game. The user can check the hidden stories that were not clearly explained in the game. Every time you fill the storybook content, you offer small consumables, kinds, and stats. However, it was planned not to affect the balance at the level of ‘damage 1’ so that there was no compulsion in the content progress.

Conductor Answer of major opinions-question-question answers

Q. There is not enough goods to the goods such as King. Did you have a patch in the drop rate

A. There are various measures to prepare for key or supply and demand using illegal programs. In this process, users who play games normally see damage, and I want to take several improvement measures. We will improve the tall or consumption, and we will discuss ways to supply enough goods while checking illegal programs. However, there is no change without notifying the item drop rate.

Q. What is the balance adjustment direction?

a. The goal was to make the roles and characteristics of each job more prominent. Guardians will be able to play 1: 1 battle and party play evenly, and the sword will be specialized to produce high-party players in combination with other occupations. The killing is adjusted to allow aggressive play, and the palace tries to adjust the momentary DPS by using the state abnormalities and the skill linker.

The Made Castle will take care of the difficulty of manipulation and adjust the lack of magic hit, and in the case of the spirit, he will sympathize with the vulnerable part of the magic resistance stats and try to adjust through the balance and equipment. Healing is not enough to take care of the magic hit and is considering adjusting damage. It is also considering improving the legality, which was relatively weak in rebuff.

Q. Is there any plan to integrate server due to ethnic imbalances

A. Race ratio and total population in Ion, an RVR game, are key elements that can determine the fun of the game. As the service continued and the new server was added, some servers were imbalanced. In the past, however, the live server or master server did not show significant sustainability in the mid-to long-term, as the server integration was temporarily activated. I would like to come up with another way to play the content smoothly so that the attached server does not disappear. We will guide you later for the details.

Q. Bug modifications are often delayed.

A. I’m very sorry for causing inconvenience to use. The base of the service created by restoring the client in the past has a different design structure than the present, making the bug response slightly delayed. If you have a delay between the server and the personal client, it is difficult to modify it quickly. However, the modification and maintenance are continuously in progress, and even if it takes some time, it is increasing its completeness. Please understand and understand.

Q. I’m curious about the game direction after the 2.7 update.

a. The current structure is maintained by this year. If the 2.7 update promised is terminated, it will be necessary to explain the future of Ion Classic. As it is a classic that has received a lot of attention and love, it will draw a new future. Ion Classic will hold a showcase ‘On Stage’ on November 4 to provide a place to explain the future.

You can watch on YouTube platform by pressing ‘View in YouTube’.

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