A Virtous video points to a Metal Gear Solid project

The leaks are increingly common, even those that are produced by errors of the studies themselves. In the beginning, it is what seemed that it had happened to Virtues, a Chinese developer who until now had specialized in ports and HD adaptations of video games. Although the message with Morse Code that indicated the date of The Game Awards is false, a video published by the study and that follows online gives clues about a possible Metal Gear Solid project.

The most widespread rumor affirms that they are working on the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, although at the moment nothing h been officially uncovered. What does reveal the video, which you can see just below these lines, are conceptual arts of the saga created by Video Kolyma ? Will it be a clue of what is about to come? Let’s review what is known with certainty:

A Virtues employee commented on statements to NGC that the study is working on a remake of a triple A for action and adventure not announced. According to this person, the game will have high-level art, graphics with 4K resolution and destructible scenarios . The truth is that this year the 35th anniversary of metal gear is celebrated, which a priori seems an ideal date to announce new brand projects, which h not been seen from the spin-off metal gear survive.

INAMI Relive Silent Hill

Rumors have surrounded Silent Hill if it were the fog of the city. There h been long and tended about the alleged projects that are underway, although INAMI h finally spoken about it. In addition to the Silent Hill 2 remake, by Blooper Team , the next main installment is titled Silent Hill F . It will be set in Japan of the 60s and nothing else is known.

You can read All information about all Silent Hill projects in this news.

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