SAN value cut horror ADV World of fear Official release to Japanese. Focus on the madness of the evil god in a port town of Japan

Publisher YARD Games announced on November 1 the official release of World of fear-World of Horror-(hereinafter referred to as the world of fear) . This work has been distributed early for PCs (Steam/ since February 2020. At the time of official release, it will be released on PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch.

World of Fear is a horror adventure game set in Japan in the 1980s. The eerie suburban port town was wrapped in an unusual air by the power of the old evil god. Residents have lost their sanity, and varieties are wandering all over the town. And with the madness, the world headed to the end. Players become one of the residents of the town, facing numerous mysterious phenomena and confronting the madness of the evil god and the mystery of the town.

In the game play of this work, we will proceed with the story with rumors and turn-based battles, two parts. Various locations are provided for each character for the search. And the battle occurs when encountering a variant wandering around the land. Visual monsters that are likely to be eroded, such as a rip-off woman with multiple faces vertically and a high school girl wearing the face of Hanna, block the players going.

This work has a value called a Doom value. If the Doom value reaches 100%, it will die and will be forced to become a bad end. In addition, since there are a huge number of branches in the survey and battle process, the end of the end can be different each time you play. A system that adopts a free scenario, despite the adventure game, develops a story with a strong game book.

This work has been updated after early access distribution, and various elements are implemented. On October 30, the 0.9.9 update Blood Moon was delivered, and new additional actions were added, Preparing for Investigation, new characters, and enemies were added. And this time, the Japanese language response at the time of the official release has been announced by the official Twitter account. It is revealed in the form of answering questions from users.


The official release date is unknown, but the current version is 0.9.9, so you can expect a not-so-distant future release. The mounting time has finally been revealed about the Japanese support announced at the start of early access distribution. The official release was initially scheduled at the end of 2020, and it was announced that multilingual compatibility in Japanese would be implemented before the official release.

This work is the indie studio Pastas. This work was originally developed by Pawed Kaminski from Polish as part of a hobby. Through the whole game, the novelist H.P. Love Craft’s Cthulhu Myth and the works of Horror manga artist June Ito are strongly influenced. Kaminski is a big fan of June Ito, and this work is a love letter with his thoughts on his work.

In this work, in the Steam user review, 94 % of 4790 out of 4790 were popular at the time of writing, very popular status. At the moment, when it will be distributed early, it has been well received. The characteristic visuals and gameplay exploring the absurd world are evaluated by users. In addition, there are many users who are waiting for Japanese support. I would like to look forward to the long-awaited official release.

World of Fear is being distributed early for PCs (Steam/ At the time of official release, it will be released for PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch.

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