All God of War Ragnaröks accessibility options

God of War Ragnarök is just around the corner and h many reons to be taken into account one of the most anticipated games of the year. In any ce, what we want to make known are all the accessibility options that the title gives us and that they seek precisely that the greatest number of people can enjoy it. Therefore, in the line of other important names of PlayStation that have opted strong for accessibility, there are different options that we can activate. They are the following.

Visual accessibility

Options for reduced vision players that incree the size of the text, high contrt visualization and activate movement and displacement aids. The camera monitoring is also optimized and there are acoustic clues and automatic collection to facilitate pointed and coordination.


Options for players with auditory or deaf difficulties such subtitles and large legends with dark backgrounds to be more visible, name of the characters that speak and indicators of direction and comments of Combat optional to prevent them from surprising you in combat.

Reduced mobility

Options for players with movement sensitivity. Reduction of the chamber tremor and oscillation adjustments of the environmental chamber with less movement, softened in cinematographic scenes, activation of a persistent central point and blur of the movement to reduce the effects of the camera.

Motor accessibility


Opines to automate tks and reduce the fatigue and complexity of the buttons. Aid in displacement, automatic race and grip to stunned that reduce the number of buttons you should use, in addition to other elements.

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