Which is good or evil? Fairy Tale Worlds first -person viewpoint action ADV BLACKTAIL released on December 15th

Publisher Focus Entertainment announced the release date of the first-person viewpoint action adventure Blackmail as an overseas time on December 15, 2022, and released the GamePlay Overview Trailer.

This is a first-person action adventure of Poland Developer The Para sight development. It is set in the dark fairy tale world with the motif of the tradition of the witch Barbra Saga that appears in the Slab folk tales. The player will use bow and magic as a witch Saga who has been expelled from his place of residence. In addition, there is a craft element that collects and fishing for forest flowers, collecting materials, and making items.

You can be a good forest guardian or a terrible nightmare-like witch. As you explore the forest and find the hidden treasure, the players will follow their own mystery.

Blackmail will be released on PC (Steam)/Overseas PS5/overseas Xbox on December 15, 2022. The price is currently accepting reservations at Steam. Overseas time until December 15th, 20%OFF is 2,784 yen.

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