Conjinwon held Everland 2022 Game Culture Festival until November 30

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Boleyn), and co-hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency (Director CHO Hyundai, Corn Pinion) and Overland (President Han Seung-hwan), the 2022 Game Culture Festival will be held in Yon gin Overland from November 6-130.

The Game Culture Festival is a cultural event where all generations can participate and communicate together through the game. Condition planned the cultural festival to provide the cultural value of the game and the spread of healthy game culture and enjoyment.

◆ On-site mission with the whole family with the motif of the traditional fairy tale ‘Denim’

This year’s game cultural festival is a “ Ho dam arrest masterpiece exhibition ”, which is made of a liar tiger in the traditional fairy tale ‘Haen-nim’, and various types of game programs such as on-site missions, game experiences, on-site participation esports competitions, and stage performances It was configured.

Ho dam’s arrest masterpiece contains the worldview of finding the heroes in the brave game to arrest Ho dam who escaped to Overland with Overland character Lenny and Lara. Based on the storytelling, which is familiar to anyone called the traditional fairy tale, it has enhanced accessibility for the whole family to participate.

Ho dam’s arrest masterpiece will be held with ▲ on-site tour mission ▲ Rockville outdoor room escape mission. First, the on-site tour mission will be able to finally arrest Ho dam in the Rose Garden by completing all the game missions to participate in the Ho dam arrest. The Rockville Outdoor Room Escape Mission will complete eight tracking missions to find and arrest the traces of Ho dam in Rockville, and take QR codes and take on an online and offline combination format to certify the web. The event will be held at the field tour mission and the rose garden until the 13th, and the mission in Rockville will be held until 30th.

◆ Game Experience Zone, Game IP Use Performance, On-site Participation Eating Competition, etc.

In the game experience zone, various game companies such as Aka Games, Smile gate, and Pearl Abyss, etc. It was composed of rides and entertainment games that cause concentric rides, and there are also retro games and educational game zones that can be played together with all ages.

On the 6th and 12th, the opening day of the event, Nixon’s ‘Cart rider’ Korean traditional music-based performance will be performed on the 12th and 13th. The e-sports competition is held as ‘Battleground’, ‘Cart rider’ and ‘Taken’, and special tournaments and fan signing meetings with pro gamers are also available.

CHO Hyundai, director of Cong Jin-won, said, This game culture festival is designed to develop a healthy and familiar game culture experience based on a story familiar to everyone, and to spread the cultural values of the game through this, he said. We will try to establish a healthy game culture that communicates.

Meanwhile, more details can be found on Condition website for the 2022 Game Culture Festival.

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