China Model surprises with his Cosplay in Makima de Chainsaw Man

The world of cosplay is something that continues to expand over the years, because as anime becomes more famous, fans will want to disguise their favorite characters. One of these great adaptations is Chainsaw Man, which is being done with a solid followers base, there are even those who do taxes.

Such is the case of the cosplayer known as @_Jimin, who has armed its own costume dedicated to this manga, this with the character of Maxima, which took the affection of the people soon. Its interpretation includes the characterization of the hairstyle, as well as the official style uniform that the girl uses, this also includes the tie.


Here are some photos:

For those who do not know Chainsaw Man, this is their synopsis:

Benji is a poor young man who would do anything for money, even pursue demons with his diabolical dog Wichita. He is a simple person, with simple dreams, who is drowning in a mountain of debts. But his sad life turn when he betrayed someone he trusts. Now, with the power of the devil inside, Benji welcomes a new man-’chainsaw man ’!.

Remember that this anime is broadcasting in Crunchyroll.

Via: Instagram

Editor’s note: It is impressive as fans find a way to pay so much attention to detail, for that same reason those who ask to pay a Patreon to reveal the complete sets deserve such payment, because they will surely spend hours making the cosplay.

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