Song Jae -kyung, CEO of Archie Age 2, emphasized an individuals adventure

MMORPG ‘Arch Age 2’, which is being developed by Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) and XL Games (representative Song Jae-young, Choir Kwan-ho), was surprised at the G-Star 2022 site.

On the 17th, Aka Games unveiled a new video of ‘Archie Age 2’, which is currently being developed at the G-Star B2C booth. In the field, Song Jae-young, CEO of XL Games and PD Ham Jong-il, went on the field stage and introduced the game directly.

‘Archie Age 2’ is developing with the goal of next-generation MMORPG, and the original Sorry Open World is further developed to enable open world contents throughout the game. Housing and farming systems are maintained in Archie Age 2, and are being developed with higher levels of architecture and customization system.


The video was released this time, with the main theme music where you can feel the nostalgia of the original, and ‘Kyrios’, one of the main characters in the worldview, recreated the original emotion. In addition, you can check the background of the game under development, as well as the thrilling battle scenes and some scenarios.

It is noteworthy to be a combat scene, which features a delicate and realistic action that is hard to see in the existing PC MMORPG against various monsters. In particular, the expectation was increased by showing a non-targeting action that is comparable to the AAA-class action RPG.

Youngkin XL Games PD said, Archie Age has played more than 20 million users in various countries such as Korea, North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, and other countries., I’m trying to make a game that focuses on more core fun and immersion.

Song Jae-young, CEO of XL Games at the site, said, We have been unveiling ‘Archie Age 2’ for the first time to showcase to many people at G-Star 2022.

The masterpiece MMORPG ‘Archie Age 2’ is developing a PC and console version at the same time with the goal of launching in 2024.

The following is a question and answer from the field. Park Tae-hyun caster asked the preliminary questions.

In the video, the ‘Archie Age 2’ battle scene was amazing.

Song Jae-young, CEO = ‘Archie Age 2’ is being developed with a focus on saving action with non-target battles. However, since it is MMORPG, there are technical challenges such as server communication. After a long development, the basics of battle are equipped. I will try to show the remaining development period and show great action.

‘Archie Age 2’ was introduced as a Sorry Open World Game. Please explain more.

Song Jae-young = ‘Aka Age 2’ is a story about the original continent. Compared to ‘Archie Age 1’, the original continent is likely to be more than twice. Considering the sea, islands, and instant dungeons, the world size is not lacking. It’s not just making the world big, but also trying to be filled with dense content.

‘Archie Age 1’ was fun with housing and farming. Is it possible in Archie Age 2?

Song Jae-young, CEO = The contents are like the signature of ‘Archie Age 1’, and ‘Archie Age 2’ is inherited and is improving and developing. Archie Age 2 is not just building a house, but also develops an additional function to strengthen the customization function of the user and to gather on the expedition units to build ‘town’.

What is the difference between ‘Archie Age War’ and ‘Archie Age 2’, which are being prepared on mobile?

Song Jae-young: First, the two are games based on the same Archie’s worldview. ‘Archie Age War’ is a mobile game, so it is developing with a focus on mobile. ‘Archie Age 2’ is made of MMORPG, which emphasizes the actionability that can be enjoyed on the PC and console platform.

‘Archie Age 2’ graphics are considerable. What changes are there?

Song Jae-young = ‘Archie Age 2’ is being developed using Unreal Engine 5. Thanks to this, you can show a very high quality visual. However, we do not think we have yet to draw all the possibilities of Unreal Engine 5. So I think there is room for improvement in the future. Currently, we are recruiting ‘Archie Age 2’ developers, so please apply for your support.

Is the ‘Archie Age 2’ PC and the console version at the same time?

Song Jae-young = The development team is conducting simultaneous development. The goal is to launch at the same time as possible. Simultaneous release has many development conditions, but the goal is to reduce possible time difference.

In terms of scenarios, I wonder how ‘Archie Age 2’ continues with its predecessor.

Song Jae-young, CEO = The previous work deals with a big narrative, such as the destruction of the world and the story of a hero who becomes a god, and ‘Aka Age 2’ will be a story about personal adventure.

How is the quest of Archie Age 2?

Song Jae-young = ‘Archie Age 1’ is the main quest, and if the main quest has been done in the ordered order, ‘Aka Age 2’ has several stories and makes it possible to enjoy the order you want when the user wants.

Is Archie Age 2 maintain high degree of freedom?

Representative Song Jae-young = The overall stance is similar. In ‘Archie Age 1’, various contents were stretched, so the user enjoyed it. In ‘Archie Age 2’, the number of content is reduced, but deeply deeply so that users can be more immersed in. It is making such content in order to enjoy the order that the user wants.

A word for game fans waiting for ‘Archie Age 2’.

Song Jae-young = I would like to express my gratitude to many users who enjoyed ‘Archie Age’ around the world. I will develop hard so that I can meet it early.

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