How NC has built an open field for TL

  • Topic: MMO Open Field Contents

  • Lecture: AHN Jong-il / NC soft PD

  • Presentation: Game Design

  • Lecture time: 2022.11.18 (Thu) 17:00 ~ 17:50

  • Lecture Summary: I talked about the concerns about making enough fun in the open field, a space that shares with everyone.
    It also introduced various open field content types and trial and errors in Throne and Liberty.

■ Open field for implementation of Three and Liberty and MMORPG
AHN Jong-il, who develops Throne and Liberty (TL), said that many developers may have been in this next-generation game, with many developers next-generation MMORPGs, revolutionary gameplay, and their teams.

However, it was not filled with such a huge modifier, a mysterious idea that fits the expression. The actual goal of AHN PD and the team was a simple goal, a game that they could enjoy. But the development team was about 200. If they all enjoyed fun, they could be a game that can be enjoyed beyond the region and generation.

Game for everyone, in all regions, in all generations, a game that can cover people of various inclinations. In a sense, you can think of it as a more difficult goal than the next-generation MMORPG, but I also thought it was a goal to try.

The game is like creating a world. AHN may think that it is a big inflation because it is what the creator of the game is. World’s size and rules may seem small depending on the game, but good games usually have a good world.

The TL development team also aimed to be a good world for the game, and the code called open world initially developed like a craze. I played such games and analyzed a lot, but I couldn’t make the same.

The definition of the Open World is different for each person and is not a fixed concept. In the meantime, it is freedom. The team judged the game that can be played by the player with the minimum defined rules and the free laws. The MMO we made needed more constraints than this. Just as there are more people in society, and the law is getting more and more complicated.

The world that TL aims at is a little less reduced than the Open World, but it has built the core contents based on the open field of the world, which is vastly open. A lively, alive world. A world with interactive interactions that influence or receive players. A world where challenges and competition coexist. I aimed at this.

■ Open field made by Sorry World and three-dimensional level design
There are two basis for implementing open fields. Sorry World, the other is a three-dimensional level design.

Sorry World is all connected without segment and all places on the server without channel distinction or paging are shared with all players. It is not a new concept. Both classic MMORPGs are made so.

Then, as people gathered too dense in one place and went through the play experience, channels were introduced. Some groups have also introduced instance dungeons to prevent content monopolizing content.

There would have been a goal to show higher graphic quality. It’s hard to make a huge world with a high quality, but it’s possible if you make it like a set. It is not unnecessary, so you can make it quickly, and it is important, so the processing speed is faster.

The change in these systems has an advantage. But there are side effects. Channel structure is a means of avoiding competition, and instance dungeons make the field empty. In particular, end content is often implemented as an instance dungeon. This is connected by the community break. This undermines the nature of MMORPGs that people gather and enjoy.

After all, the implementation of the Sorry World was a natural choice for the TL development team.

The following is a three-dimensional level design. Humans who can’t fly like a bird, and are used to the ground are familiar with plane. Unless you use the Z-axis freely like airplane pilots, the three-dimensional space is unfamiliar to the public.

But even a normal player, the sense of volume and the fear of the slope are the same to every1. The sense is because there is a huge power of gravity.

The team judged that the fear of dying if it fell from a high place would be paradoxically alive. I used a lot of three-dimensional level design to save the keyword of lively.

There is also an element for three-dimensional level design, with wild transformation and rope action. Wild transformation is a system in which the player transforms into an animal, and the rope action uses the tool to make it impossible with the human body al1. This impossible movement allows you to feel the power of gravity more vivid.

■ How to deal with Time and Weather for Three & Liberty
In addition to the two elements that are the basis, three open world fillers form the world of TL.

The first filler is the environment. The factor of the environment may feel like an over package for the game, but it is hard to find as natural and effective devices to create variables.

Changes in the environment include daytime and chestnuts, clear or rainy weather, winds and wind directions.

Time changes are based on 4 hours during the day and 1 hour for night. The number of 5 is 24 hours a day, and the number is not just divided.

If you implement a change of the day by 2 hours or 4 hours, you will be able to play the game only within the same time zone every day. AHN said that many people always play games in the same time and game time is only an hour or two. The five-hour cycle is that even if they access the game at the same time every day, they can see different time zones every day.

The ratio of clear weather and rainy weather is 8: 2. And the changed weather is maintained up to 30 minutes. In other words, the player may not know when it will rain, but if it starts to rain, it can be seen that the rain will continue for at least 30 minutes. Of course, you may not know when it can come exactly.

The elements of wind speed and wind direction were applied to a fewer reduction than initial plans. This is because the winding elements are difficult to express in the game, while the days of day and night, clear weather and rainy days are easy to express visually. Thus, it was achieved in the form of implementing this through the UI and affecting glide distance and projectile.

In TL, these environmental factors do not have absolute influence. However, various content is subtly influenced by this environmental factor.

First, it is a weapon or skill. The player’s specific weapons and skills can be used for longer or more damage at night. Lightning chains, which shoot lightning stems, are implemented in a form of strong damage when there is no rain, and when it comes to rain, it bounces to several enemies.

In particular, L’Legitimate, a long palace skill, is a passive technology that blows an additional projectile if the direction and wind direction of the arrow match. In particular, the effect is doubled if the vector is finely distributed and the direction is more accurate.

This type of attack skill usage is a kind of example, and in real games, more skills use environmental factors.

The second is the level design. When it rains around the field owned by the guild, the water is filled around. The water-filled space can only be moved to swimming, which is drawn as a space that cannot be battle.

Ecology is also affected by the environment. The field NPC and the boss change depending on the day, night and weather. Water-wet plants may increase dramatically, experience and drop materials.

The field boss of the werewolves is depicted in the form of human beings during the day and a wolf at night. The way between the two and the item drop table are all different.

If this is the form of a player that needs to be accepted by changes in the environment, it is also possible to change the environment by actively changing the environment.

A kind of power given to a few players can control one environmental element for 10 minutes in a desired way. Environmental change skills have a long cooldown that can only be used twice a day, and other elements are given based on various rankings.

This authority is based on the ranking that is renewed every day. In some cases, the door opens only during the rainy time, and if you use a skill that rains even in clear weather, dungeons can be forced to be forced to challenge.


In other words, the environment in TL is an element that must be adapted at first, and it is a factor that must be used. Ultimately, it is used as a control element, and the player is increasingly dealing with this environment.

■ All content is attracting attention at least once
The second filler is a local event. Regional events are events that completely change the contents of a certain area in a short time, and the hunting competition was used as an example in the lecture.

The events in the early plain areas are a kind of competition in the form of a kind of competition, and rewards are distributed according to the ranking of tails collected by hunting wolves. You can’t attack players in the field, but PVP is available for competitive content.

In other words, it is necessary to determine whether to deliver the wolves’ tails collected through hunting directly, or to collect many wolf tails at a time by taking risks and increasing efficiency. You can save a risk hunter or target a group of wolf with many individuals. Of course, you can attack other players who collect wolf tails and take them.

These local events are triggered every three hours, and players can check this as a schedule.

The third filler is a memory. Memorials are not open from the beginning by changing the world with the player’s actions. And to perform a kind of quests that the whole server

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