A reboot of Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive to come? Group Ninja has actually currently selected a prominent studio


Present at the G-Star 2022 which ended this weekend, our associates from Rule participated in a Keynote from Group Ninja during which the Japanese studio would have confirmed to deal with a reboot of Ninja Garden and Dead Or Alive via a Slide broadcast at the very end of the conference. Regarding the Beat ’em up both demanding and bloody developed by Cotonou Ibaraki (now manager of Peak Game Studios), this is not the very first time that we find out about such a job given that the director Fiumicino Masada (which is likewise that of the Nigh franchise) has never concealed its desire to bring the license back to the front of the stage, even presuming regarding to suggest to Computer game Chronicles last September that 2 choices were on the table: delegate The website either at the young shoots of your home or to an external studio.

It might be that the second solution that was retained, Nick Baker of Boxer ensuring on Twitter that the reboot of Ninja Garden was attributed to Platinum games (Astral Chain, Bayonet ta, Near: Automata, Vanquish). Clearly, it is advisable to take all this with tweezers, but it would be a choice to say the least, considered that the studio of At sushi India and Hide Kamila is thought about among the referrals in regard to Action games. For his part, with To Long: Fallen Dynasty (March 3, 2023) and the very ambitious Increase of the Robin (2024), Group Ninja is not most likely to be unemployed and will certainly need all his living forces.

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