Why Avatar: The Lt Airbender Is A More Successful Film Than Avengers: Infinity War

James Cameron being James Cameron.
It is not the first time that the director puts Pum to Marvel.
He already commented at the time that there could be no empathy with some characters, the superheroes, who behave if they were still in college.
Well, he h returned to the load, and giving where it hurts the most.

Thanos? Come

And he does it at a time when Marvel is in the Diana for the quality of its visual effects.
Of all, the product saturation is known that pulls CGI in cinem and television, which h led FX companies to difficult limits to support affecting the work delivered (because of course, who is the madman who tells him not to Marvel
Cameron, in full promotion of Avatar: the sense of water, h given an interesting interview with Comic Book where not a hair h been cut.
Start soft, of course, with a I have to say in advance that I do not want to miss the universe of Marvel or DC, to then thank a competition of companies such ILM, which provides professionals and increes in its competitiveness the challenges to beat.


And that is when it happens.
Sweeping home, that is, the effects in charge of Avatar 2 (which w created for the FX of the Lord of the Rings), is when it relees:

That said, Wet Effects, it is now called, is the best in his, right?
Industrial Light & Magic does a great job, but when it comes to the type of emotional affairs that we do… Thanos?
Come now.
You’ve already seen avatar 2. He doesn’t even approach him, and this w done by Wet

James Cameron
Recall that Thanos is the jewel of the crown of Marvel, a digitally recreated character on the factions of Josh Brain who raised unanimous applause… or so we believed.
Cameron says that he does not even approach his Na´vi, the protagonists of Avatar: the sense of water.
And while we believe that it is true, it is also that the protagonists of the Cameron movie avoid the diving valley better because they guess, on their faces, extraterrestrial beings.
There is no exact comparison with a human face, a border with which Thanos played, which only revealed its nature with those characteristic protuberances in the chin.
Be that it may, we are looking forward to this avatar, it will fly our heads on theaters.

It will be on December 16, right now, and it will also be then when we can see first-hand if what Cameron says is true or only father’s love.

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