Elden Ring: Bill Clinton Is A Rare NPC In The Game

Former United States President Bill Clinton has become a playable character in Elden Ring through a mod.


As unusual and random as it may seem, Mod com Clinton was created a few days after the former US president was honored at The Game Awards 2022 by a young man who managed to eak into the stage when the game prize of the year was
Delivered to Hideaway Miyazaki and part of the team that developed Elden Ring.
The MOD was created by the Twitter Ares tame Are kid user and the result posted on Fodder Twitter.

Clinton appears in mod with a very faithful look to that of the politician, who in this mod uses a navy blue suit,
We are proud to announce the collaboration between Elden Ring and Bill Clinton, which was revealed in The Game Awards! Said the profile in the ad.
Despite the post, so far no link to Download of the MOD has been available, which indicates that Clinton was created only for the video on social networks or is not 100% ready to make a camper for the intermediate lands.

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