Lucky Stars and Crisis Core

Crisis Core adds a lot to the Final Fantasy franchise.
One of the most noticeable new developments is Digital Mind Wave, a slot machine that gives special buffs and new abilities in accidental times.
When Oak meets powerful allies, he receives limit breakthroughs that can turn the course of the battle.
Limit Break from Cessna is called Lucky Stars and works a little differently than others.

How to use a limit breakthrough Lucky Stars in Crisis Core

When all three wheels drive up to Issues, Zach is illuminated by a luminous light.

Lucky Stars increases the scale of emotions, which increases the likelihood of a new limit.
It also transfers Oak to a critical state, which means that all his attacks will apply much more damage.
An enlarged scale of emotions increases the likelihood of modulation phase, which can lead to several other powerful limit disorders.
When you are under the influence of Lucky Stars, you can get any number of other powerful abilities.
Since you do not have the opportunity to choose which limit breakthroughs will fall out, you should activate Lucky Stars as soon as they fall out.
A huge increase in damage can turn the course of the battle, and soon, most likely, another maximum breakthrough will appear.
Lucky Stars is also the name of matter that Oak can buy in the research department for 10,000 GIL.


This increases the chance of CASSINI on the wheel, which increases the chance to get the Lucky Stars Limit Break limit.
The breakthrough of the Lucky Stars limit does not sound so much, but a huge bonus to the attack, which immediately follows another breakthrough of the limit, can be a huge advantage.
You will receive Lucky Stars when you meet Cassie halfway in chapter 4.
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