Chris Metzen Returns to Blizzard as Creative Advisor for Warcraft Franchise, Initially Focused on WoW

Chris Met zen is a lifelong Warcraft fan who has poured his heart and soul into the series over the years, said Mike Moraine, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. We’re pleased that he’s rejoining the team to help us focus on how we tell the Warcraft story in the games.

With Dragon flight out now, and Blizzard having already made moves, like buying studio Proletariat to help them fulfill WoW advancement objectives, this is a homecoming that feels most likely to have Met zens contributions make their mark sooner instead of later on.

The statement was a brief one, but well unquestionably be hearing more.

While Met zens return (from his main retirement in 2016) begins with focusing on WoW, this is going to broaden to other tasks throughout this growing franchise. With Met zen on board, back at a franchise that he helped develop, including with the creation of a few of the renowned races. And, of course, by acting as the voice of Thrall.

Chris Met zen has come house to Warcraft. Blizzard announced that Met zen, among the original leads on the Warcraft franchise, will return as Creative Advisor to the franchise, beginning with deal with Wow.


This return that brings him back into the fold is fascinating in its mystery, especially about those other projects. Well definitely get to discover more down the line, however his return to Blizzard to aid with World of Warcraft is notable enough on its own.

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