The Latest World Of Warcraft Dragonflight: Change Of Leaving At The World First Race

The World First Race for the new WoW expansion, Dragon flight, was going as planned until yesterday when a group of top players were disqualified for exploiting game mechanics. Players who had already obtained their place at the high table felt their chance at first place slipping through their fingers. In the end, it wasn’t just those top players that were stripped of their spot in the race. Many other groups were removed from the competition and no one is sure how this will affect future races.

Just the other day the beginning shot for the real World First Race was provided in the MMO extension World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight.
The United States guild Vesper was at first successful worldwide to defeat an employer challenger in the brand-new raid vault of version on mythical level of trouble.
However, a lot has actually occurred in the global competition in the past few hours, among other things there is to announce a change of management.

This guild is presently ahead

If the other day was the US guild Vesper in top place with two of an overall of 8 boss kills, a few of the bigger guilds have already outdated and sometimes even outdated.
Above all, the Liquid group is called.
This had entered the World First Race a little later due to the fact that she had previously finished the raid in lower stages to collect better devices.
After that, an outstanding chase started.
The gamers from Liquid also kept the very first two mythic bosses to their knees extremely quickly, however that was just the start.


A little later, the United States guild managed to defeat 2 more bosses.
Both Terror and Earth did not stand the attacks for too long, so Liquid is currently lonesome on top with 4/8 eliminates.
No other guild has been able to drop more than two boss opponents, but that is just a matter of time.

Where are the Europeans?

In the meantime, the EU guilds have now also caught up, which, due to the various server signs, had a little disadvantage at the current World First Race.
There are presently four European groups in the top 10, so the international competitors have finally really started.

Interesting footnote: All guilds from the present leading 10 at the World First Race from WoW (buy now).
Dragon flight comes from the horde faction.
The first alliance guild in the list is currently in 11th place.
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