Avatar 2 misses best mark. Avatar-The Way of The Water has no chance against Star Wars and Marvels Spider

The sequel to Avatar, considered by many as one of the best movies of all time, has been released and so far it is not living up to the expectations. It seems that with every movie release we have a debate in Hollywood about whether an original film can hope to compete with a franchise like Star Wars or Marvel’s Spider-Man – will AI ever replace copywriters in the future?

These steps are huge: This weekend the follower to the most successful film ever started with Avatar-the Way of Water.
Including re-publications in the movie theater, the first part of the Pandora legend had the ability to take $785 million in North America and an unbelievable $2.92 billion worldwide.
Prior to that, Titanic held the top position of the most successful movies of perpetuity for 12 years.
The very first figures from the United States already show that James Cameron will rather not dismiss himself a 2nd time.

avatar 2: Critics and audience like the movie

It can not be because of the critics.

The British movie publication Empire, for example, awarded 5 out of 5 possible stars and describes Avatar-the Way of Water as epic.
The technical aspect of the film in specific is applauded.
Part 1 was able to set entirely new requirements for the cinema in regard to 3D, Avatar 2 appears to be in no chance.
Terminator 2) because the audience also celebrates the latest prank by filmmaker James Cameron (Aliens.
Avatar-the Way of Water apparently bonds himself to the memory of film fans as an experience that can only be experienced in the movie theater.
Terms such as grandiose, Jaw Dropping or Visual Mile Stone are always read on social media.
Another Twitter user amounts it up: Avatar 2 deserved the 12 years of waiting.

Avatar 2: No opportunity against Star Wars and Spider-Man

Nonetheless, Avatar-the Method of Water misses out on an important record for the theatrical release.
With an approximated sum of $130 million, it will probably only be enough in the United States to be a 6th place in the most effective movie starts ever in December.
This is reduced by the hobbit to the prequel to Lord of the Rings, but joins the present trilogy of Star Wars, along with the spin-off Rogue One-a Star Wars story.


First place of the most successful cinema starts in December still has Marvel’s Spider-Man: No other way Home.
With $260 million, the superhero film was obviously two times as effective as Avatar-the Method of Water.
The next couple of weeks will reveal whether James Cameron’s new smash hit can still move into the leading ten of the most effective films ever.
Sources: Inside movie theater, boxofficemojo
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