Destiny 2 x Pokemon: A wild flotik appears (and ignores you). The droll Motw contribution by Chib

The meme-makers are hard at work in the Destiny 2 community – whether they’re creating hilarious videos or making hilarious edits to existing content. This time, they’ve created a Pokémon-esque version of Destiny 2. You might not be able to catch them all yet, but you can still enjoy it!

Memes exist to be enjoyable, and all the Destiny 2 keepers who take part in the weekly Movie-of-the-Wee-WEEK competitions from Bungee as part of the Tabs ( This Week at Bungee), sting
of their creativity with regard to memes.
To name a few things, there was a terrific tribute to the knight of the coconut, in which Sir Lancelot, which does not storm the permanently rub-ending, entered into the castle, but an inconspicuously-looking Arius titan, who then checks the guards correctly.
Here again as a reminder:
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Anybody who was ever opposed to a sprint and who was welcomed to Arius in the melting pot knows precisely how this pain feels.

Destiny X Pokémon: I select you, Flock!

Chibirobo shows comparable humor in the one-minute Mashup in between Destiny and Pokémon.
To discuss for non-consecrated: In the season of the looters, it is possible for the keepers to hire some fallen so that they can assist out in the fight against the space pirates.
Among them is Footsies, who guarded a door for Spider in Chibirobos Run, however somehow does not seem like assaulting the opposing captain.
See on your own:
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Intrigued, by the way, that Footsies with its electrical peer obviously could remove whole hosts on challengers if they just hid behind an Marcus indication.
The skiff blades likewise consist of fallen with sweet-sounding names such as palsies and jet sics.
The truth that the NPC helpers in the MMO shooter do not constantly work dependably, the majority of the keepers, whether newbies or veteran, can weep.
Nevertheless, Chibirobo has actually made the finest of what was possible: his own variation of a round-based Pokémon battle in Destiny 2 (now buy EUR 14.90).
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