Get A 4K QLED 120 Hz TV On Offer With HDMI 2.1: Your Gaming Dreams Come True!

At MediaMarkt and also at Saturn, the big WSV (which stands here for insanity sales) runs.
In this you will also find a lot of inexpensive 4K Televisions in this.
One of them is the LED TV Disease U77HQ, which is geared up with 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1.
You can get this in 55 inches for EUR 599 (RAP: EUR 999) or in 65 inches for EUR 799 (RAP: EUR 1299).
According to comparison platforms, there are neither this model nor the really comparable Hi sense U7HQ elsewhere.
Hi sense U77HQ 4K KQED-TV 55 inches (RRP: EUR 999) for EUR 599
Hi sense U77HQ 4K KQED-TV 65 inches (RRP: EUR 1299) for EUR 799
The WSV at MediaMarkt runs up until February 8 and offers many other low-cost offers, including PS5 SSDs and micros memory cards for Nintendo Switch.
You can discover the summary of all offers here:
WSV at MediaMarkt: To the offers

How excellent is the Hi sense U77HQ?

Image quality: For its very moderate rate, the Disease U77HQ provides excellent image quality.
This is not only due to the fact that the LED innovation ensures better color display screen.
The 4K TV likewise has FALL (Full Array Resident Dimming), through which scenes can be much better portrayed with light and dark image parts, and a much higher lace brightness than low-budget TVs, which implies that HDR can be better utilized.
The Disease U77HQ does not quite near to expensive OLED Televisions, however it is not that far.
Video gaming: The Disease U77HQ has a 120-HZ display screen and HDMI 2.1 on 2 of its connections, which makes it possible for the PS5 and Xbox Series X up to 120 FPS with 4K resolution.


According to private test reports on the similar U7H, there may be problems with 4K 120 FPS such as easy-going text, but which are more used as a PC display than video gaming on the console.
VAR (Variable Refresh Rate) and All (Car Low Latency Mode) are supported.
The input was 7 to 8 ms with 120 Hz and 15 to 16 ms with 60 Hz and hence in an excellent location for video gaming.
Hi sense U77HQ 4K KQED-TV 55 inches (RRP: EUR 999) for EUR 599
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