How Pokimane Handles The Hate: Why 90% Of It Is In Vain

IMAGE PRIMATE Any’s is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch.
Those who are in public often get lots of unpleasant remarks.
Now the banner describes why she discovered little of it.
What about the comments?
If you have a long reach online, eventually often or later on often gets to finish with hate remarks and trolls.
As one of the few ladies at the head of Twitch, Postman is particularly often faced with hostility.
In a stream on January 31, she quickly talked about a tweet that she had actually written shortly previously.
In it, she required her not to sexualize individuals against her will.
Obviously with regard to a site with fake adult recordings of larger banners, which had actually come to light at the end of January.
Viewers suspected that the list of people who merged them on Twitter would have to grow steadily with the answers under the tweet.
Postman then reveals how she handles the hate online: that is among her biggest secrets.

out of sight, out of significance

What is Postman’s secret?
The streamer describes that she is constantly publishing & foster.
This implies that she writes posts on Twitter, for example, and after that often does not provide them any additional attention, for example due to the fact that she has appointments.


However, the comments under such posts can unexpectedly leave hand.
But Postman gets nothing with that:

When people publish strange things in my remarks, I do not see it 90 % of the time.
How does she do that?
Primate has a team that is logged in on their Twitter account and obstructs people who write improper comments.
So the streamer does not even need to take a look at the hate.
Postman is visibly entertained by the concept that Twitter users could think of something to have actually been obstructed by her-because then they would have permeated her.
In reality, however, she was not at all herself and does not provide them this attention at all.
We have actually integrated the right clip from the stream here:

sadly belongs to the job

Is that something special?
In fact not, because the moderation of comments belongs to the task description of social networks or community supervisors.
Prominent individuals or people with a large reach often have a group who looks after their accounts, however hardly anybody speaks openly about it.
For example, this can indicate that material is tactically prepared or inspected by a PR team.
At Postman, it appears to be that she is accountable for the posts on her Twitter account.
She just leaves it to her team to sort out the undesirable comments.
How does that get?
On Reddit, where the clip in R/Livestreamfail, the largest community to the streaming area, which settled, many remarks were understanding: being exposed to consistent negativity needs to be rather demanding for mental health, so it makes sense, so it makes sense,
Not to deal with it in the very first place (via Reddit).
Unfortunately, it is likewise part of the task.
Somebody composes: I think this is an excellent example of something that goes hand in hand with the area.
[…] People of public life need to be prepared to invest part of their possessions to safeguard themselves from a great deal of sick things.
(by means of Reddit).
With their criticism, others directly supplied examples of why such a team is needed for somebody like Primate: Residing in a bladder, censoring the world to secure their fragile ego: The definition of softened and privileged..
(via Reddit).
Some Reddit users also mention that the technique is not so unusual: that would not be as various from the mods that practically every streamer requires on Twitch from a particular size.
It stays to be seen whether other larger streamers also expand the small amounts to their other social networks channels.
In any case, Postman appears to be great with her technique.
As early as 2022, the streamer stated that she wanted to focus more on her mental health and also took a longer break from Twitch and Social Network as a whole.

Among the largest Twitch streamers on the planet explains why she wishes to stream less.

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